Principles of Harmonious Relations

Principles of Tantra. Principles of Harmonious Relations.

The principle of freedom is primary. All other principles should not contradict it, since all of them are just special cases of the implementation of this basic law.

The principles of yoga follow from the law of freedom, of manifestation of life.

The first principle: «We must not harm life itself by manifesting our vitality.» This is the principle of Ahimsa.

The second principle: «This vitality must support life.» This is the principle of brahmacharya or chastity.

With regard to tantra, chastity is the separation of the part of vitality that goes on the continuation of life and the one that goes on enjoyment (it is the fuel for the practice of Tantra).

The continuation of life is closely tied to sexuality, but is not the same. However, since they are closely related, any attempt to suppress sexuality is perceived by our internal structures as an attempt to life continuation. And this potential begins to explode, mutate, look for a way out. This is the reason for sexual divisions.

The practical conclusions from this theory are as follows:

1. Children never interfere with the practice of Tantra. If we embark on the path of Tantra, then we must abandon abortion (the exception is when it threatens the life of the mother). But we can not recommend anything to those who do not practice Tantra. This is a personal matter for everyone. It all depends on karmic conditions.

2. Compulsory contraception. In ancient times, there were no such problems. Then came a period of difficult living conditions for women. Now a woman herself can make a choice in this matter.

3. The ban on abortion contraceptives. It’s about spirals, pills, injections and other means that create the conditions for a miscarriage of an already fertilized egg. It is better to have sex with losses than to use this kind of contraception.

Another problem is that everything related to the use of hormonal drugs is an intervention in the natural sexuality of a woman, and we do not fully understand the consequences.

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